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Let Your Anxiety Float Away…

I'll admit I was sceptical coming face to face with the prospect of floating in a small tank for an hour, but with seemingly increasing anxiety levels in our generation, maybe it was time to explore something a bit 'out there' and report back...

One Night in Berlin…

Okay, so actually... it was three nights in Berlin, but I was going for 'catchy' over 'factual' with that heading. I'd never really thought of going to Berlin before, but it was a gorgeous long weekend away.

Next Stop, Philippines: Our Island Hopping Experience

Firstly, you have to understand that this was our one experience of the Philippines and yours may be very different. I just think it's important to be real and honest... we all see the endless #travelgram snaps on our IG feed and get major FOMO.

Vietnam Travel Guide

The third country on our itinerary was Vietnam and other than having seen the musical Miss Saigon over 100 times (no exaggeration), I didn’t know much about it to start with. As I read and researched, I got really excited to visit.

First Stop, Japan: A Guide
The first stop on our gap year tour was Japan and, SPOILER ALERT, we loved it!

How To Take An ‘Adult Gap Year’
Ever thought of dropping everything to go travel the world? Students do it all of the time. Just because you have the 9 to 5 routine down, doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance. Here’s the first in my series of how we did an ‘adult gap year’.

Health & Wellness: Misophonia Mentality

Back when I first looked it up, no-one really talked about misophonia. Now, it tends to be spread it across the internet and more people are aware of what's up with them. I am always reading about the lack of a cure / how we are probably geniuses (?!) and of course, there's a ton of videos asking that you tag someone who can't stand loud chewing. Yah, cool - they're my fave.
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