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A Little London Date - Where Should We Go?

So, you both swiped right and managed to find someone a bit great. Now you need to make some actual date plans. I got you...

Mini golfing is a cute date idea, and if you're shy or nervous, it makes so much more sense to choose a date with an activity rather than just sitting across from each other feeling like you're at a job interview.

Such a cute space and an interesting way to spend a date if you're a board game fan. Everything is categorised and the staff are on hand to help if you need a recommendation. We discovered the most hilarious game (in the same section as 'Cards Against Humanity') at Draughts and spent the entire time crying-laughing.

Activities give you something to talk and laugh about - especially if you're as bad at golf as I am. I'd also recommend Flight Club for a game of darts or Namco Funscape for bowling, arcades and maybe even a game of pool.

Maybe you don't want your new Tinder match to know how bad you are at darts... if you want to dress up fancy (obviously you do - we all do) and grab a cocktail, then I'd say head on over to The Candlelight Club for the roaring twenties, or Experimental Cocktail club for something a bit special.

No boring dates for you.


Once you're a bit more comfortable and in the rhythm of dating your new person...

Sip on a few cocktails and decipher the code. If you're both into Sherlock Holmes and The Imitation Game, a night at The Bletchley is a sure winner as you work together to earn your next drink!

Ping pong is a fun little evening but definitely recommended for those who've spent some time together. Being at far ends of a ping pong table doesn't lend itself to ice breakers or getting-to-know-you questions.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Cocktail) is a novel idea where you bring your own booze to the table. It may seem odd but I think it's actually pretty good value for money. £30 gets you a two-hour session at the table and you can bring any (unopened) bottles you like for the bartender to mix. This means you get cocktails specifically tailored to your tastes, and you get at least five cocktails each (or however many you can drink in the time slot) which, I think, works out as quite a nice deal.


Once you're a real Facebook-official met-the-parents type couple, there's no reason the dates should end. It's important (in my opinion) to carry on the adventures and having fun first moments together. You can't spend every night binge watching Netflix box sets (okay, you could... but these are just some options in case you run out of box sets and movies).

Eating in the dark and experiencing your food in a different way can be fun and exciting. (If you're against eating with your hands and can't be separated from your phone for an hour, then pass on this). It's definitely something different to try once.

Dine on a lovely steak dinner before hitting the tables for a casual roulette bet and a game of Blackjack. The Heliot often has good deals for two, and does a really good meal (complete with extra fancy desserts). I did ask why the cheesecake came on a box of dry ice... the waiter said "Just for pizazz." Cool.

I just love any excuse for fancy dress so skip this one if you're not into it. Secret Cinema is a beauty of a concept - immersed in the world of the chosen film, you will be given a character and objectives (though it's not super strict so don't feel intimidated) before sitting down to watch the movie. It's such a unique experience - guaranteed fun night out.


Please don't ever go to the cinema on a date with someone you don't really know. You will leave the cinema still not knowing that person and will be no wiser in calculating whether they are your one.

Cooking at home? - While this is a cute date once you're into your relationship, it is not a good idea to meet a random tinder guy at his house while he cooks. Have you never seen CSI? C'mon, now.

Last tip - if you're unsure about the first date and whether you will get along, do not schedule dinner. Dinner is long and traps you into an evening with a potential bore. A drink or a game somewhere is far less intimidating and easier to escape should you find yourself wanting to make an early exit.
Always know that if you're not having fun, or you don't get along, that you really don't need a friend to fake an emergency to get you out of there. You are your own independent person, and you can do what you want. If you're done, have the confidence to drop the mic and go. I have definitely been too polite on some occasions and lost hours of my life trying to feign being interested in someone before I felt it was 'appropriate' to leave. Lesson learned though. When you know, you know. (Side thing though - definitely tell people where you're going and feel free to assign yourself an 'emergency word' so your girl knows if you text her 'giraffe' that she needs to come get you. I'll keep you safe!)

Dating should be fun - you get to meet new people and do interesting things... and if it all goes horribly wrong, then you're left with a bunch of funny stories for your girls.


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