A Geordie in Paris…

After wandering around in a beautiful circle (where I got lost and ended up back at my apartment – brilliant), I decided to give the metro a go.
Being accustomed to the London underground, and having downloaded the Paris Metro app prior to my departure, I had this in the bag… Y’know, once I figured out where to put my ticket in the gate #Tourist.

I navigated the beautiful busy streets and boarded the tour bus. It was beyond beautiful; in between the audio commentary, French music played through the headset – providing a perfect soundtrack to the movie I felt I was in. Every road, building and scene we passed belonged on a postcard or in an art gallery. The coach tour came to an end at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, and it was time to board a boat and cruise along the River Seine.

Having gained a friend (a girl, also on a solo trip for her birthday weekend – crazy coincidence), we took in the scenery, snapped a lot of pictures, and then went in search of food… there was food everywhere… spoiled for choice. Next stop – Le Tour Eiffel! Honestly, my favourite part was going up in the lift and down again – like a fairground ride. The view was lovely, but didn’t seem as photogenic or mind-blowing as anything I’d already seen that day.

Evening came and we met at Experimental Cocktail Club to toast our birthdays – “I’m only staying for a couple…”
Sitting at the bar (always sit at the bar!!!), we befriended the barman and the gentleman next to us who was waiting for a Tinder date. Soon after his date arrived, the four of us were all chatting, drinking shots and having a lovely time getting to know one another. Because of our birthdays, he insisted on picking up the entire bill – “L’addition s’il vous plait?” – and we wandered along the cobbled streets in search of dinner.
The four of us sat together eating dinner out on a lovely heated terrace, trying our best French phrases, loving the food, and drinking all the Moet!
Fatima (my birthday friend) and I jumped in an Uber home, leaving the romantic couple to carry on their Tinder date. I impressed myself with my French (I always think I’m fluent when I’ve had a few cocktails) when the driver answered “non” to “Parlez-vous anglais?”

Broken, I woke the next day and took the metro to the Louvre. Museums are free to EU folk aged 18-25 – just take ID. I wandered around such an astonishing building, admiring paintings, sculptures and objects from long ago – I was absolutely speechless. Looking at history right in front of me really brings a sparkle to my eye and I get ridiculously excitable. I always wish I could experience a time where we’d all gather in ostentatious ballgowns in a grand hall covered in tapestries and paintings… I think museums just make me wish I was Cinderella! Ha. The Louvre was simply magical.
I walked up a lot of steps to see Mona… she was alright. (Full disclosure: the painting is behind a glass case – not good for photography – and you have to wait in line to see it.)
The delayed Eurostar was way too long, and now I’m back home… but I can’t wait to go back!

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