Being Skint In London And Other Stories

London is one of the most exciting places to live. So many people move from far and wide to experience the London life – there’s so much to do and there’s always something new to discover. It may be cool but it’s likely that the crazy rent prices mean you’re handing over around half of your salary to live in an expensive box room in a nine-bedroom converted warehouse that’s full of strangers and has no living room. Sound vaguely familiar?

Just existing alone is an expensive feat in the Capital, so the question becomes, how do you enjoy the most exciting city when your bank is approaching minus numbers and you’re constantly working long shifts in an effort to avoid the terrifying clutches of that overdraft? I have a few suggestions…

Fancy A Few Cocktails?

Download a couple of apps to lighten the strain on your bank, but ensure that you aren’t on tap water for the night. Drinki is a great start – this app literally gets you a free drink at loads of bars around London. They have a nifty little map so you can seek out whichever cocktail you’re after. Share your app with the whole squad and use each other’s codes to score freebies. My code is CWILSON1 to get you going. The only ‘catch’ is that the app checks you in at the bar on whichever social media app you choose, but I think, if the drink is on the house – check me in!

There’s also the Be At One app to help you out when their Happy Hour ends – use it to get your very own ‘Appi hour’. You can also use the app to grab a selected cocktail for a fiver. London prices don’t have to be so painful. You’re welcome. 😉

Don’t Want To Cook Tonight?

dining out
It’s perfectly normal to eat out and have someone else do the cooking for the night – whether you’re off on a date, meeting up with friends or just grabbing takeout to snuggle up on the sofa with Netflix.

Recently I went to Byron with a friend and got a chilli burger, sweet potato fries and a diet coke… and paid 60p. I know right?! Well, here’s the not so secret, secret that you need to download to your phone right now…
Qkr! This app works to let you pay from your phone and split the bill between your group. At the moment they have promo – type in BYRON10 will give you £10 credit at Byron. Winner! Right? Add that to a friends’ referral code (Feel free to use mine CARWIL5509 ) and you get another £5 credit!
Those days of complaining you can’t afford to go out, are over.

If it’s a case of grabbing takeaway, and you’re not fussed what time you eat (maybe you work shifts and late meals are your life) then get on the app Too Good To Go. Restaurants sell off their meals rather than see them go to waste at the end of the day. The app tips you off to what time the meals are available and what’s near you. Grab a bargain meal and your bank will feel better for it.

Don’t Have Much Cash To Start With?

Well… I 100% always recommend Quidco which gives you cashback on things you would be buying anyway, as well as deals and offers to save you a few pennies.
Getting an account with Very can help out if you’re buying Christmas gifts or maybe just clothes and want to spread the cost over three months without paying interest.
I’d also say you should join the Money Saving Expert email list to get some tips for money management and savings, pinged right to your inbox.
And if all else fails, London has so much to offer for free

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