Hair Partings and Laughing Emojis: What The Media Thinks People Care About

The pandemic. COVID-19. Mask-wearing, social distancing, and vaccinations. A year-long lockdown for the UK. An elderly veteran single-handedly funded the NHS by walking up and down his garden. Dominic Cummings broke lockdown rules to drive 260 miles… to test his eyesight. (Don’t try that. Super dangerous.) The UK Prime Minister ignored important meetings and basically allowed thousands of people to die – but he “did a great job”. Matt Hancock acted unlawfully in giving out millions of pounds in contracts to his unqualified friends. Boris Johnson did nothing to reprimand these politicians or accept any responsibility himself.

Ex-President Trump did so many things. Almost too much to mention. He suggested injected bleach might be a good antidote for COVID-19 (again, don’t try this at home), accused ballot counters of whatever he could (because he lost the election), and basically handed out pardons like they were Christmas candy canes. The murder of George Floyd reignited Black Lives Matter protests, shining a light on racism and white privilege. And he wasn’t the only black person to be murdered without any good reason (there’s never a good reason for deciding you have the right to end someone’s life?) The thought that the virus perhaps started in China gave racists an excuse to out themselves and terrorise and attack innocent Asian people. Donald Trump and members of the Republican party incited a riot and a violent attack on the Capitol Building (but it is difficult to lose an election when you’ve already announced you won).

And that’s not even everything.

But sure, Millennials and Gen Z (arbitrary names given to people based on their year of birth) really care about hair partings, laughing emojis, and skinny jeans. I guess it was just a bit of a slow news year.


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