Happy New Year!

new years resolutions
It’s that time again – we count down the seconds to the beginning of another new year! We celebrate with friends and family and wish everyone the best for what lies ahead. A new year is a fresh start – it didn’t seem to all go to plan last year, so it’s time to try again. We promise ourselves that this year will be different – “This is going to be MY year” and we set strict rules in order to achieve this…


It’s January 1st – you’ve got the mother of all hangovers, takeaway is on its way, and you’re not actually sure what day of the week it is. Even so, you throw yourself all in, announcing via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that this year you will:
1. Eat kale for every meal. Y’know, to lose 50kg by Monday.
2. Save up all the money. See every country.
3. Meet soul mate. Get married. Obviously.
4. Learn to knit and play squash and cook and play the accordion. (All at once?)
5. Quit job. Magically acquire new, perfect job.
Because all of these things will make you really happy and then job done. Right?
new years resolutions
“Resolution number one: obviously will lose twenty pounds.”
After considering all the hundreds of things I wanted as my resolutions, I stumbled across a little game-changing idea…
“Make a list of everything that makes you happy.
Make a list of what you do everyday.
Compare lists.
Adjust accordingly.”
So I did.
My New Year’s resolution? Be happy. That’s it. Easy.
I’ve planned out things for January already and I have to say, I’m looking forward to the year ahead.
I love setting goals and targets – it’s not a bad thing, but everyone puts so much pressure on themselves to get everything done really quickly or else they’re a failure. Simplicity is the key – be happy. I think it’s a good New Year’s resolution – albeit a bit of a cheesy one…
…why don’t you try it too?

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