Why Manifesting Works (It’s Science!)

reticular activating system

Do you see people chanting mantras, affirmations, and manifesting what they want from life, and uncontrollably roll your eyes in disbelief? After all, could an Instagram caption telling the world you attract good fortune actually boost your bank balance? It can all seem a little too fantastical, and – again, just for the cynics out there – impossible. As much as you want to believe and join in the positivity, the logic and reasoning behind it all just doesn’t speak to your way of thinking. Well, I’m here to shed some light on this and explain why and how manifesting what you want from life can actually work. And it’s not because of magic. We’re talking science here. [Disclaimer: I’m not a scientist but I learned about this and had to share!]

Every day there is an overwhelming amount of information around you, and the super-computer that is your brain is tasked with processing everything you see, hear, experience… everything. And much like the technology we use daily, your brain has its own spam filter. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) in the brain stem filters through information to focus on what is most important and relevant, whilst ignoring everything that is just not necessary. This is why when you learn a new word, you start seeing it everywhere, or your ears perk up at the sound of your own name in a loud and crowded room. Your brain is focussing in on the information most relevant to you.

So, putting something at the forefront of your mind will have your brain’s spam filter focussing on just that. This is why manifesting that dream career can lead you down the right path. You basically tell your brain what is relevant to you – your goal – and suddenly notice training courses or opportunities that can help you get started. Perhaps you connect with a mentor or similar people who share the same goals. Of course, your dreams don’t come true without any hard work at all, but just that first step of manifesting and goal setting can put you on the road to success.


The RAS also enforces your beliefs by focussing in on the information which confirms you are correct. This is why having a positive attitude really can yield results. If you think you’re bad at something, your brain will seek out the information to prove you were right. If you’re on the positive train, your brain looks at that data instead.

Knowing this can definitely quieten down your inner cynic and prove in a logical way how and why manifesting and being positive works. Set your goals and intentions, make them the focus in your brains spam filter, and not only will your hard work pay off, but your brain will seek out the path you need to get to that goal. Cast out all of those negative thoughts and the ‘what if I fail’ movie montages you’re so accustomed to creating. Make your brain’s spam filter work for you rather than against you, and you will see results.


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  1. September 7, 2021 / 5:49 am

    Lovely post, so relatable too. It’s great to hear how manifestation and casting out those negative thoughts has helped you 🙂

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