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I’ll admit I was sceptical coming face to face with the prospect of floating in a small tank for an hour, but with seemingly increasing anxiety levels in our generation, maybe it was time to explore something a bit ‘out there’ and report back…

What is Floatation Therapy?

If you’ve not heard of it, floatation therapy is basically lying in some Epsom salt-filled water in your own personal tank. You float there, relaxing and maybe even nodding off occasionally. Some people use this to clear their head and try and let go of anxiety, whilst others may need it on a physical level to help their muscles recover from athletic injury. It can be good for jet lag or fatigue, as well as the countless mental benefits.

At Floatworks , you get your own private room complete with shower and floatation tank. The lovely staff there provide you with putty-like ear plugs to ward off the salt water, Vaseline to cover any cuts or scrapes, and a floating halo for your head – should you wish to use it. Some people wear a bikini or trunks, but you are encouraged to float in your birthday suit if you feel like it. (I donned the bikini but, I am reliably informed by my partner in crime floating, that the salt does not get in the crevices if you do decide to bare all!).

As the music begins and the lights change, you take to the pod and find your relaxing position. I tried with and without the halo pillow as I kept holding tension in my neck which stopped me from letting go.

What’s it like? Will I get claustrophobic?

The pod is quite large and spacious, and you can open and close the lid at your discretion so there’s no need to fear claustrophobia. You can leave the lights on or turn them off, and there’s a spray bottle with clean water in case you accidentally rub salt in your eye! (They’ve thought of everything).
It is a relaxing sensation like no other – to be alone with your thoughts, floating without a care in the world. Though many people do go in for a snooze I couldn’t quite drift off; instead, I found myself thinking quite deeply and untangling all the goings on in my brain. It’s like meditation… but in water.

I don’t take myself too seriously so I did spend some of my session moving around and forming different positions as I lay weightless in the pod. It was quite fun!

Give floating a go…

Did I leave feeling super zen and relaxed? Umm, YEAH!
I’d say it’s definitely something to try if you’re holding a lot of tension / need that salt water on your muscles / want some time alone with your thoughts. While it may not be an instant cure, there are tons of benefits!
If you’re in this for the anxiety relief – Floatworks says:
“The latest floatation therapy research shows that during floatation, 
the amygdala basically shuts off, ‘turning down’ anxiety in the brain.” What’s not to love?
After your float, take a shower to scrub the salt away and head to the Hollywood room if you need to dry and straighten your hair. Take your time and reflect on your session, oh and grab a drink of water as you’ll probably be all dried out!
Have you tried floatation therapy? How did you find it? Would you go back for more?

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