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Today, I’m sharing with you just a few life-hack apps that you should already have on your phone. I’m that friend who’s always saying “You have this app, right?” Let’s face it – phones can do everything these days… and [spoiler alert] none of these apps paid me or asked me to tell you they’re great, so you know it’s legit. AND they’re all free to download… Bonus!

1. Citymapper

I don’t know why you wouldn’t already have this on your phone?! Please tell me you already have it. It knows all the things. You can switch it to a lot of major cities depending on where you travel to in the world. It has your back when it comes to maps, transport and how to get from A to B. You won’t regret it.

2. Hopper

When should you book your flights? This app watches trips for you and advises you on when will be best to book so that you get the cheapest price. What a lovely little app. With the best cheap flights, you can afford to take more trips! You’re welcome.

3. Quidco

I admit I thought it seemed too good to be true – free money? Come on! Seriously – what’s the catch?! Quidco gives you a percentage cashback just for redirecting you to the website you were already going to shop on. Check it out and see what they’re offering on your favourite sites – if you use my referral link, you get bonus cash once you have £5 of confirmed cashback in your account. I love free stuff – don’t you?

4. ClearScore & Experian

I promise you – these apps are a good idea. If you ever want to buy something bigger than groceries, you need a good credit score. These apps are free to use and let you check on your score, giving you tips on how to improve it. I’ve had them almost two years now and my score is in pretty great shape! Just accept that you have to do some adulting and download one of these apps.

5. Too Good to Go

Helping to combat food waste and particularly good if you work random shifts, this app is full of great restaurants offering up food that hasn’t sold that day, for a marked down price. It’s usually late at night but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re pulling an all nighter; in need of some drunk food, or just burning the midnight oil.

6. Babylon – GP at Hand

A good solution to never being able to get a doctors appointment – you can talk to a GP and get advice, have a video appointment/consultation and make sure your crazy schedule doesn’t impact on your health. You can see a doctor from your office meeting room or sitting on your sofa. Perfection.

7. Treatwell

I love this app – it’s so good for someone in a new town/city not knowing where to get that haircut or indulge in a facial. It’s great! I’ve found so many great places via this app – from waxing to manicures – they’ve got it all. You can quickly and easily book on the app, and you often get cheeky discount emails just for existing on Treatwell.

8. Today Tix

Hooking you up in London as well as a whole host of cities in the U.S, Today Tix will find you those theatre tickets at a slightly more palatable price. You can also enter ticket lotteries and unlock rush tickets by sharing a post on your social media accounts. What an easy way to see ALL THE SHOWS without taking out a loan or delving into your overdraft! Yes please!

9. Classpass & Classpass Go

Okay, so I’ll be brief as I did mention this in my fitness post a while back. Classpass is so good for busy Londoners trying to fit workouts and classes into their lives without being tied to that one gym that’s really convenient on some days, but not so great on others. If you get Classpass, you can also use Classpass Go which is essentially a whole bunch of free video/audio guided workouts. EPIC VALUE.

10. Hot UK Deals

If you’re a savvy shopper and always want the best deal, Hot UK Deals is a nifty little app to get sneaky deals on things you might already be buying (or pinning on your wish list). With a vast array of offers from tech to fashion, and groceries to cosmetics, it really can save you some money to just have a little flick through every now and then.
What are you waiting for? Don’t you have some app downloading to do?

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