Lucky Girl Syndrome – Here For It!

What Is Lucky Girl Syndrome?

Ever looked around and just thought, ‘Some girls have all the luck’? Well you can choose to be ‘some girls’ and manifest your way into a lucky life. Trending on TikTok, ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ is simple – believe you’re lucky and you will be.

Everything just works out for you. Everything comes so easily to you. You’re so lucky!

Sound too good to be true?

Why Does It Work?

This isn’t magic; it’s basically just a positive mental attitude and outlook on life. But if you’re looking for some solid facts and information to back this up, I got you.

Your brain loves confirmation bias – always looking for evidence to confirm whatever you already believe to be true. You believe yourself to be lucky? Your brain will seek out information to match this, so even if nothing dramatically changes at first, your new mantra could bring things to the forefront of your mind making you feel grateful and lucky for things that have already happened to you.

Manifestation as a whole can also be helped along by the reticular activating system in your brain. Put simply, the super computer brain in your head needs its own spam filter to focus on what is important and relevant to you. That’s why when you learn a new word, you start seeing it everywhere. Or when your name is said in a crowded room, you hear it and turn around. So if you tell your brain what to prioritise, such as a new career path, you’re likely to start noticing relevant opportunities, courses, mentors etc. Lucky girl syndrome is much like manifesting, so telling your brain that you’re lucky could be key to noticing new opportunities to succeed.

Still cynical? Don’t blame you. Instead of just telling your brain that you’re lucky, try asking it “why am I so lucky?” or “why does everything just always work out for me?” and your problem-solving brain will be quick to find evidence to solve the puzzle you just gave it.

What’s So Good About Thinking You’re Lucky?

Richard Wiseman has done some really interesting studies on luck and he found that ‘lucky’ people make their own luck by trusting their intuition and having a more relaxed demeanour leaving them more open to noticing and creating opportunities. The anxious state of mind associated with self-proclaimed ‘unlucky’ people can lead to missing out on chance opportunities.

The lucky girl state of mind can put you at ease, perhaps leading to giving yourself permission to take risks without fearing failure. Think Emily in Paris – her happy-go-lucky attitude to life and work leads her to just go for it and make bold choices as well as put herself out there despite what other people think. Sure, it’s a fictional show, but that main character lucky girl energy is infectious and absolute goals.

A lucky outlook can also change the way you frame things that happen, turning potential bad luck into a positive experience. And who doesn’t love changing things up into a positive?

Life Changing?

It’s always grounding to be aware that manifesting alone can’t magically change your entire life in every way. Just saying “I’m lucky” doesn’t give you the winning lottery ticket and a mansion. There are different obstacles and privileges in everyone’s life and we never want to venture too far into the toxic positivity bubble because that’s just not realistic.

But if the lucky girl syndrome can change your outlook, reframe everyday things, and get your brain to focus in on finding lucky opportunities, it’s a great start.


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