Must-Watch Shows of Netflix

Autumn is here, officially. It’s a time for pumpkin-spice everything, orange colour palettes, and snuggling up under a cosy blanket binging on Netflix shows. If you’re stuck flicking through the endless carousel of TV offerings, unsure of what to settle on for your next big binge, here are some great picks to eliminate all decisiveness and keep you entertained…

Top Pick: Squid Game

Netflix’s new offering, Squid Game, is quickly becoming the show we’re all hooked on – I promise you will burn through the entire season as you’re engrossed in the story, desperate to know what happens next! The South-Korean Dystopian drama has slight Hunger Games vibes as the poor contestants play games from their childhood in a desperate attempt to stay alive and win the enormous life-changing cash prize!

Easy Watching Comedy: Schitt’s Creek

If you kept skipping past Schitt’s Creek looking for your next show to watch, stop that scrolling now and hit play! A rich and privileged family find themselves in the middle of nowhere, stripped of all the riches they previously took for granted. In this light-hearted comedy you might face the internal struggle of – should I be on their side, or should I take pleasure in their suffering a la Schadenfreude? It might be a little of both. After all, when the father from American pie, and the mother from Home Alone come today to form a hilariously unrelatable family unit, you have to love them!

Stories we love: Never Have I Ever and Ginny & Georgia


The brainchild of the amazing Mindy Kaling, Never Have I Ever will take you back to your teenage years as you follow Devi who, after the loss of her father, takes on the challenges that boys, friends, family, and high school bring. Ginny & Georgia follows the relationship between the free-spirited Georgia and her mature teen daughter Ginny as they move to a new town in hopes of a fresh start.

A Dash of Reality: The Circle and Nailed It!

In need of a reality TV fix? The Circle definitely sucked me in and had me cheering from my sofa and talking in hashtags. A social media style game in which players communicate via typed messages as they hide behind their profile photo. Are they a catfish or just a strategic player? And can they form strong enough alliances to make it to the end and be in with a chance of winning that $100,000 cash prize? And Nailed It – a baking show without the bragging and prowess… it will definitely leave you feeling like you could bake something pretty average and passable. The judges watch lesser skilled bakers attempt incredible creations as the clock counts down and the contestants fight it out to win a cash prize.

In Case You Missed It: The Good Place and The Queen’s Gambit

And if you never got around to watching these beauties, get them started now. The Good Place’s epic cast lives through the adventure that is life after death, with so many plot twists and surprises along the way. And did you ever think chess could feel exciting and gripping? Get ready to be proven wrong with The Queen’s Gambit as you get more interested in the game of chess than you’ve ever been before!

So there we have it, some great shows to add to your watch list and get you through the snuggly season in your sofa blanket fort. And if you have any great recommendations for me, feel free to pop them in the comments – I’m always looking for my next show to be hooked on.


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