Desperate Newspaper ‘Fails to Hit the Mark’

In a desperate plea for clicks and engagement, the UK’s most disappointing media publication forgets not only what news is, but also what year it is.

Seriously, how envious do you have to be of successful people to want to be so unkind? How has the past two years (if not your entire life) taught you nothing? No wonder the by-line is a cowardly nothing – just “reporter”. Obviously so ashamed of the filth they’re spending five minutes to spew onto the page, that they couldn’t bare to publicly take ownership of their words.

The Critics Choice Awards – a night of celebrating great work and amazing talent. So why do awful people need so badly to bring people down? Why are we still giving clicks to this whiny little bully of a publication?

The ‘writer’, who had no spare time to check for typos, zeroed in on a group of phenomenally talented women because they chose to wear whatever they liked – tragedy.

Where the Daily Fail is concerned, women can never win or get it right. There’s always a judgement to be made and a way to bring her down. I’m missing the part of the article that discusses any men’s outfits at all. The only time a man was mentioned was to celebrate his victorious award win.

Not only mocking design and fashion choices, but managing to weave it into the success of the award winner gave this article an extra toxic edge.

“Hannah who scooped the supporting actress gong, showed off the plunging neckline that barely contained her ample assets”

Sorry, are we STILL calling out when women have breasts? For real? SOMEONE tell me what year it is.
Here’s a brief outline of how this article could’ve gone…

Awards show. Talented actors wore marvellous creations created by amazing designers. People dressed in whatever they liked regardless of whether we liked it.

Hannah Waddingham, epic actress and powerhouse of a singer, won Supporting Actress for Ted Lasso. What a brilliantly uplifting and emotional journey that show was. She was everything. Jean Smart added to her well-deserved collection of awards, winning Best Comedy Actress. Also in attendance, accomplished comedian, writer, and talk show host – Amber Ruffin. And everyone’s favourite Squid Game actress, HoYeon Jung.

Instead, in one article a woman is called out for showing too much skin (the word “busty” is used) at the same time as another is judged for “covering up”. Women “took too many risks” or looked “out of place”.

Didn’t Mean Girls teach us to be nice to other women? Didn’t the GLOBAL PANDEMIC teach us to be kind to other humans? How are we not lifting each other up and celebrating all of the good moments?

Wear whatever the f*ck you want. Wear what you like because you like it. There is not one set of acceptable rules for clothing. Don’t bend to fit what people say you should be wearing, and don’t be afraid of their judgements. But most importantly, don’t engage or give them clicks, comments, or any of your time or energy. They’ve done nothing to deserve your attention.


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