We’re Leaving Cringe in 2022!

A new year brings a fresh start as well as the standard reflection on what went well (or maybe not so much) in the last year. And with that, we set our intentions, goals, and ideals for the year ahead, and say goodbye to another year along with anything that’s no longer serving us.

Top of the list to leave behind in 2022? Cringe.

We’re choosing to refuse cringe altogether. After all, what good does it serve in our lives? Once a page of funny/embarrassing stories in a silly teen magazine (IYKYK) cringe has developed into a monster. Nowadays, we’re using it to look down on and mock people for simply liking things we don’t. All that negativity? We’re NOT here for it.

Who Decides What’s Cringe?

Perhaps the most interesting thing about cringe is that it’s not the same for everyone – it’s not consistent. What seems cringe to one person is not identical to another. When Crocs first hit the scene, there were many people calling them out as a cringe must-not-wear item; putting them in the same category as socks & sandals. Now, we see the most fashionable of Gen Z taking pride in their Crocs and adorning them with customizable decorations. So for one person to call out someone wearing Crocs as cringe, would seem ridiculous given their current popularity. Right?!

Cringe is not fact. Not only is it subjective, it’s everchanging and flows with our moods, tastes, and the trends that pop up regularly to tell us what to buy.

It’s also entirely optional. Is it cringe to YOU if you part your hair in a way that suits your face yet goes against the latest fashion trend? Is it cringe to YOU to enjoy music, film, art, books – whatever – that aren’t typically accepted as what’s most popular? Who cares? You are free to choose not to feel that cringe, and to reject that it even exists.

Once an innocent descriptor for a funny story is now a condescending tone and we’re not allowing that energy in 2023.

No more hating people for liking things or projecting negativity onto others. That’s so… what’s the word?

Buh-bye, Cringe. Nice knowing ya.


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