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Sitting down all day won’t sort that six pack

Training in dance and musical theatre doesn’t lend itself to sitting down at a desk all day, but sometimes your career path takes an unexpected turn and you end up loving life on your new path. BUT, that doesn’t mean you lose all interest in activity and fitness… I say “you” and all that, pretending it’s hypothetical… it’s me. I’m the person. Ha 🙂


People ask how I can still be in alright shape (I mean fit and healthy here – not skinny) when my Instagram is a catalogue of naughty feasts, so I thought I’d rattle off a little cheat sheet for keeping in shape around your 9 to 5 job.


1. Build exercise into your day

exercise class
This is the most obvious thing ever; you’ve heard it a million times and it’s so simple and makes so much sense, but you still sigh “I’ve just got no time to keep fit – I’m too busy.” Well stop that. Now. It’s really easy to build it all into your day – I’m going to share some of my tips (some of them casual and sensible, and others just my silly life…)


Rise and shine. Get out of bed an hour earlier and go for a run (I don’t run) or a class. I’m a fan of Psycle. So, I’m not the most famous morning person AT ALL, but I occasionally crawl out from under the duvet early enough to rave it up at Psycle. It’s honestly such a fun way start your day (and you get to sit down for some of the time so that’s always a plus).


I also love yoga! Relaxing (and super zen) way to wake yourself up and get ready for whatever the day may throw at you. Check out Another Space for a pre-work sesh of yoga (they also do HIIT). I find spin and yoga ease me into the day better than actually having to pound the pavement and run around.


Get on it on your lunch break. We get a personal trainer into the office one lunch time per week and split the cost between all of us. (If your office has showers then you’re safe to do this). If you can’t afford to do this, use a workout DVD (or if one of your colleagues is able to lead the session), and get yourself moving in the middle of your day. You’ll feel good for it… and maybe a little sore the next day but hey, it’s worth it. Promise.


2. Make extra effort

Do little things to keep your body active – get off the bus a few stops earlier and walk; take the stairs instead of the lift, and a less conventional piece of advice (but something I actually do) just get some squats in while you’re brushing your teeth. A few lunges maybe? Can’t hurt.


Don’t let yourself be lazy – if there’s an opportunity to get up from your desk and run an errand, take it. Don’t get too comfortable in that chair!


Set yourself a goal or challenge like running a marathon or completing a Tough Mudder course. Tick something off your bucket list whilst training and getting fit. Obstacle Course events are such fun to do in a group – you feel like an absolute hero crossing the finish line! Trust me on that one – you will feel amazing.


3. Have fun!

exercise fun
Choose activities that you enjoy! I’m never going to carve out those minutes to run outside. I just don’t love it and I’m not going to make empty promises to myself. I love to dance and perform so doing shows and taking class outside of work makes me happy (and often absolutely knackered haha). Exercise shouldn’t be a chore! Think about it… we spend all that time early on in life learning to walk and run and then play sports… we just aren’t meant to sit still!


Next on my list is that I really want to join a netball team – check out Go Mammoth! They have teams all over London and the UK. I think it’s a really good way to socialise and meet new people whilst staying active – I am not the kind of person who likes people chatting to me at the gym. Team sports are a way better excuse to chat and meet people with similar interests.


If your job means a whole lot of sitting, what do you do to keep fit and healthy?
And if you have any questions for me, let’s chat in the comments below!

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